Zaiku Brainstrust

Helping public sector bodies make the right technology decisions.

About Us

Zaiku Brainstrust is the outcomes focused specialist technology consulting division of Zaiku Group Ltd, a G - Cloud 9 service provider.

Our experienced team are experts across a range of technology disciplines that are essential to ensuring that public sector organisations will make strategic decisions that deliver genuine transformation, sustainability and value for money. In particular organisations that require help with design, specification or delivery of their digital roadmaps and Sustainable Transformation Plans (STPs). This includes helping local partnerships to consolidate and integrate their systems and building on previous investment.

On Spec, On Time and On Budget.

Standard Services

Technical Specs

We bring technical versatility to help key stakeholders draft the technical specs needed to meet their targeted outcomes.

Budget Analysis

Working with key stakeholders we help analyse short and long term costs of implementation of a particular piece of technology.

Tech Review

We provide technical review of existing requirements and implementation strategy to ensure quality, budget and outcomes are met.

Mobilisation Review

We work closely with key stakeholders to design an effective and agile project execution plan in order to help deliver outcomes on time and on budget.

Supplier Review

We help key stakeholders review supplier`s solutions compared to other existing solutions on the market in terms of technology and costs.

Security Review

We help key stakeholders review supplier`s security measures such as DR strategies and robustness to ensure the safety and integrity of sensitive data.

Advanced Pathway Services

Procurement Management

Commissioners cannot procure strategic technology innovation that they do not understand how to specify. This puts outcomes and value for money at risk and invites misselling by self-interested consultants or incumbent suppliers. Our transparent, vendor-neutral Procurement Management service avoids such problems with requirement specification, design and technical review of tenders.

G - Cloud Support

This service is designed to help ambitious public sector organisations with a clear strategy to adopt cloud solutions in order to reduce costs, accelerate innovation, increase security and improve SLAs/SLOs. We help design, build, deploy and optimise wide range of solutions over public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

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Digital Transformation

We believe that the main priority of any Digital Transformation strategy must be to ensure high quality technology solutions and services will deliver on outcomes, sustainability and value for money.

We help deliver against future-proof STPs and digital roadmaps that will enable ‘Digital First’ government at reduced cost by leveraging disruptive technology such as Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Block Chain.

Effective partnership with key stakeholders to deliver change.

OUR Core Team


Andrew Michaelson

Co - Founder/ Digital Transformation Lead

Bamborde Balde

Co - Founder/ Technical Infrastructure Lead

Liam Shore

Co - Founder/ Cybersecurity Lead

Randall Zamora

Lead Technical Architect

Senior Associates

Peter Jenkinson MBCS

Healthcare Informatics Strategy Expert

David Channon

Enterprise Cloud Architect

Adie Blanchard

Health Technology Analyst

Sorcha Moore

Health Information UX Designer

Senior Advisors

Dr. Tom Dawson

Human Performance Technology Advisor

Dr.Richard Harding

Assistive Technology Specialist Advisor

Jakob Jenkov

Backend Architecture/ Dev Expert

Dr. Nicolai Erbs

AI/Machine Learning & Data Science Expert